Zhongda Hengyuan Welcomes you to FIC Shanghai 2018

which lasts from Mar. 22 to Mar. 24 in Shanghai International Convention & Exhibition Center. Our booth numbered 51W00/51X01.

Our exhibition covers single pigment such as gardinea yellow, curcumin, monascus color, paprica oleoresion, Beta-Carotene, lutein, anthocyanin series, gardenia blue, spirulina extract, etc.typically refecting our advantages as a full-color-range manufacturer. The showcase also includes our blended color portfolia from application point of view.  

Besides, our identity as a health product raw material supplier, sweetener supplier and antioxidant supplier also will be reinterated in the exhibition, the promoted products include healthy products raw material, such as circumin, lycopene, lutein, crocin, and others from natural carotene; sweeteners from natural sources, such as, stevia extract, monk fruit extract,  liquorice extract, etc.; and antioxidant from natural sources, such as rosemary extract,  ferulic acid, meletin, etc.