Our halal policy

1) 保證在生產認證的產品中使用的原輔料都被LPPOM MUI批準的。

Ensuring the raw materials which used in certified products are approved by LPPOM MUI.

2) 保證認證產品的所有的生產系統是清潔的并且沒有非清真的和不潔的所污染。

Ensure that all production systems of certified products are clean and not contaminated by non-halal and unclean ingredients.

3) 保證所有提供給穆斯林的產品有LPPOM MUI的清真證書。

Ensuring all the finished goods manufactured for Moslem consumers are certified halal by LPPOM MUI.


We are committed to consistent adherence to Muslim halal requirements and production of halal products.