Henan Zhongda Hengyuan Biotech Co., Ltd. (‘ZhongDa’ for short) , pioneer and leader in natural pigment industry, is playing a leading role in natural pigment application in China.

More than twenty years of persistent development and continuous R&D investment and innovation, ZD now has owned a high reputation in the field in respective of management, standard adherence and product quality, serving as an industrial role-model. ZD can provide solution for full-color-range natural pigment, backed by its one-stop management system covering plantations construction, material extraction, refining and application to formulation production.

ZD is a state recognized Hi-Tech enterprise. It has built a sophisticated platform ranging from plant extraction, application research to innovation, and a tracking & regular communication mechanism alongside with international industrial research tendency. The platform covers an academician workstation, a Natural Pigment Key Lab, a Natural Pigment Engineering Research Center, a Provincial Enterprise-Based Technology Center, a Post-Doctoral R&D Base, together with a State CNAS certified Lab. The testing platform now has been certified by CMA. In addition, ZD owns dozens of innovative patents, and continuously devotes itself to improve and declare industrial standards.

ZD adheres to the mission of ‘Adding more color and health to life’, sticks to the tenet of ‘ Improving quality with science and technology, ensuring safety with quality, and serving humanity with safety’, and upholds the core value that ‘success derives from adherence to standards’. After completing the shareholding reform, ZD is making big strides towards standardization, normalization, and internationalization.