Recent years, with the sustainable development under the leadership of the founder, Mrs. Wen Yanjun, Zhongda does not forget to think about the source of drinking water when drinking water. While actively building the planting and breeding bases of raw materials, Zhongda pays attention to the poverty of the local farmers. The layout of the base is suitable for the harmonious and unified natural environment, which is, maintaining green hills and clear waters while bringing huge treasure for local farmers.

Farmer training

Solved farmers’employment problem, increased farmers’income level and living standard, and promoted the economic development of raw material producing areas.

Poor students funding

Based on the society, serving the society and contributing to the society, are the concepts of social responsibility Zhongda Hengyuan has always advocated and adhered to . Through establishment of a variety of reward funds and work-study posts, we persistently fund the poor students in school for many years to boost their growth, and combined with the talent recruitment and training mechanism, gradually improve our own technological and R&D strengths while returning to the society.